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The alcohol addiction problem arises to those people who drink constantly and without knowledge on the control of it. “This is the addiction developing in the individual’s system.” explains Lyubov Gorelik. They are the same people that need to get an alcoholism addiction treatment. What makes it worse is they have no idea about the need for treatments. Alcohol addiction program is something that is unknown to most people who have a need for it.

“The only solution that can help anyone with addiction is to get alcohol addiction treatment.” explains Lyubov Gorelik MD. Some people do not realize their need for any treatment with  alcoholism addiction  and usually end up involved in crimes due to the misuse of alcohol. This is because addiction to the alcohol causes the substance to get hold on the individuals addicted to it and tend to do things they would not normally do when sober.

“This can be very frustrating because once you are addicted to alcohol, the health risks follows alcohol abuse occurs are numerous.” says Lyubov Gorelik MD. Included in this are certain cancers, high blood pressure, brain damage, heart failure, pancreatitis, or gastritis. Just thinking what your body will be like in a few years of alcohol addiction is more than enough reason to get the alcohol addiction treatment. One of the reasons that alcohol addiction treatment is necessary is due to studies that have proved the shortening of life expectancy by 10 years minimum.

Many people have a difficult time getting rid of the addiction on alcohol by themselves, but it is essential to understand that you need to give it up. There is no time to wait, start now in a program and there will be lot more that you can save in your life.

Medical Professionals like Lyubov Gorelik MD understand how addiction works. With their expertise and experience they are able to judge the trauma and pains suffered by the persons who are seeking addiction recovery.

An advantage of using the services of a reputed and reliable Addiction Psychiatrist like Lyubov Gorelik  MD is that the patient does not suffer the stinging negative responses they often get from family and friends relating to their addictions. Few realize that addiction is like normal diseases that requires regular treatment.

“Addiction is like any other disease with the only difference that the link is more with the psyche than the physique of the patient” explains Lyubov Gorelik. Yet like other treatments it is also largely dependent on daily treatments and medications. However the most important aspect of the treatment is sympathy, compassion, and understanding says Lyubov Gorelik.